Best practices for implementing NGS.

We’ve curated and compiled educational resources to help labs implement NGS. Keep pace with the progress and explore the resources now.

CAP's laboratory standards for next-generation sequencing clinical tests.
ACMG clinical laboratory standards for next-generation sequencing.
Assuring the quality of next-generation sequencing in clinical laboratory practice.
New approaches to molecular diagnosis.
Establishing Molecular Testing in Clinical Laboratory Enviorments.
Guidance for laboratories performing molecular pathology for cancer patients
Genome-Based Diagnostics: Clarifying Pathways to Clinical Use.
Implementing personalized cancer care.
Guidelines for investigating causality of sequence variants in human disease.
Gene-Panel Sequencing and the Prediction of Breast-Cancer Risk
Molecular genetic testing and the future of clinical genomics.
Standardized decision support in next generation sequencing reports of somatic cancer variants.
Pragmatic issues in biomarker evaluation for targeted therapies in cancer.
Standards and guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants